Study highlights consumer wants concerning mobile commerce

Study sheds light on the factors that influence participation in mobile commerce

Market research firms iModerate and uSamp have released a new study concerning consumer motivations and preferences when it comes to mobile commerce. With mobile commerce beginning to become a very prominent part of society, it is becoming more important for businesses to understand why consumers choose to participate in mobile payments. The study aims to shed light on the various factors that influence whether a consumer with make a mobile purchase or not.

Many consumers want a better experience and more security

According to the study, customer experience and security are two of the most prominent issues that consumers are concerned with when it comes to mobile commerce. Because mobile commerce involves shopping from a mobile device, consumers are often confronted with websites and commerce platforms that are not optimized for mobile use. This leaves consumers with a poor experience and makes them unlikely to participate in mobile commerce in the future. Because mobile commerce deals so much with financial information, consumers also want to ensure that the platforms they use are secure and can protect their information from exploitation.

Mobile Commerce StudyConsumers spend more through mobile commerce

The study also shows that consumers that participate in mobile commerce are more likely to spend money than those that do not. On average, these consumers spend $500 more than those that do not make mobile payments. The study shows that the majority of the money spent by those with smartphones has to do with entertainment. Tablet users tend to spend more money on books and similar media.

Consumers want to spend money more easily

Consumers are becoming more vocal about the improvements they want to see introduced to mobile commerce. The study shows that many consumers want to see better and less confusing features introduced into mobile commerce platforms. If platforms found a way to provide consumers with a better experience, users are expected to spend significantly more money through these platforms than they have in the past. Overall, the study shows that consumers want to be able to spend money more easily.

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