State of mobile commerce report by yStat


mobile commerce around the worldyStat reports on the state of mobile commerce around the world

Research and Markets has released a new report from market research firm yStat concerning the state of mobile commerce around the world. The report, called “Global Mobile and M-Commerce Report 2012,” highlights the various aspects of the mobile commerce industry and the reach of mobile payments among consumers. More than 46 countries are documented in the report, all of which have shown powerful mobile commerce activity in the past several months. The report provides information concerning the trends, revenues, and various other details concerning mobile commerce in these countries.

More than 600 million mobile consumers worldwide predicted by 2014

According to the report from yStat, the number of people that make purchases from a mobile device reached more than 400 million this year. Approximately 40% of all retailers around the world offer consumers options to purchase products through a mobile device, a trend that is expected to gain strong momentum in the wake of the holiday season. yStat predicts that the number of mobile consumers worldwide will reach 600 million by 2014, with growth backed by new mobile commerce platforms and services.


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US, UK, and Germany show promising growth in mobile commerce

The yStat report highlights the performance of mobile commerce in several countries. In the U.S., the report notes that traditional online sales have increased at a slower rate than mobile sales this year, especially in the realms of ticketing and travel. By the end of 2012, the United Kingdom is expected to hold the highest share of mobile sales in all of Europe, followed closely by Sweden. Mobile commerce has experienced strong growth in Germany, with the total number of mobile shoppers in the country growing more than 10% in 2011.

Increasing popularity calls for better mobile devices and services

The growing popularity of mobile commerce is pushing telecommunications and technology companies to develop new products that are better suited to the needs of mobile consumers. Smart phones and tablets equipped with NFC technology are becoming more common, but are not yet at the point where they can be considered mainstream.

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