Smartwatch from Omate is designed for specifically for women

The Lutetia model of the wearable technology has been engineered with a gender specific appearance and function.

The Omate Lutetia is a smartwatch that has taken a unique design strategy when compared to some of the large name rivals in this category such as Samsung and Apple, because the company has decided to come up with a gender specific function and form.

This particular model of wearable technology device was intentionally created with women in mind.

The smartwatch category is rapidly growing in the number of players, but the majority of those that have already been designed have placed themselves in a type of standard “unisex” category. That said, the appearance of these gadgets remains one of the primary complaints that have been made about them and has been blamed for some of the struggles in consumer adoption that have been faced within this category.

The Lutetia model of smartwatch is trying to break away from what it feels is an awkward standard design.

The Lutetia wearable technology design recognizes that the products currently on the market are “great for men, could be worn by a woman.” It is hoping to stand out by taking on a bold strategy that says that there is no need for an exclusively male focused approach to the design of these products. It has come up with the design for women, first, because that is the category that has had the least specific attention since the creation of the wearables category.

This new device has an elegant round interface, not entirely unlike the Moto 360 from Motorola. This mobile device is priced for pre-orders at $169, which is quite competitive within the category. It is expected to become available for delivery before the end of the year. The size of the watch face is 1.5 inches, which is a reasonable within this ecosystem, particularly for the feminine style. It makes the watch face smaller than that of the Moto 360.

The smartwatch from Omate may be designed, in this case, for women, but it has also stated that there will be another model released for men in the not too distant future.

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