Smartwatch from HTC rumored for launch this month

The mobile device maker from Taiwan could be working on a wearable device based on Android Wear.

Rumors have been flying about HTC and the possible release of a smartwatch based on the Android Wear platform from Google, which could be released as early as this month.

It has been heavily believed, for some time, that the company has been working on wearable technology.

Aside from the fact that it is now rumored that the smartwatch will be released before September is finished, it is also believed that the wearable technology device will be called the HTC CWZ. It is not known exactly when in September the device will actually hit the shelves, nor has it been officially confirmed that these wearables will be out this month, but the source (@upleaks) has been relatively accurate with this type of statement in the past.

The HTC smartwatch will be released in a number of countries and markets around the world.

Smartwatch rumorThe technology news reports have suggested that the first to receive this wearable technology will include North America, Korea, Japan, Brazil, and several others. The device, itself, is something that the technology world has known about for most of this year, as Cher Wang, HTC chairperson, made the announcement back in February that the company was working on this gadget and that it would be available to buy in time for this year’s holiday shopping season.

That said, Wang did not say exactly when it would become available, nor did she make any specific mention of the type of features that can be expected from this device. This has caused the rumor mill to continually swirl, as the unveiling of the Taiwanese wearables could occur at virtually any moment.

Technology news headlines of this nature thickened this summer when a smartwatch made a brief appearance in an official HTC video. That said, the company stated that the device that was spotted in the video was not an actual product planned for release. Previous reports have also suggested that the wearable technology device would be sold under the name One Wear and that it would launch late in August or early in September.

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