Report shows that mobile commerce is growing throughout the world

Mobile is driving the growth of  the global e-commerce market

Deloitte and Assocham have released a new study that predicts that mobile commerce will reach $638 billion by 2018. The global e-commerce space is growing quickly, with mobile consumers playing a more active role in purchasing products online. Several retailers are finding more success by engaging these consumers, offering them ways to purchase products in an enjoyable fashion on their mobile devices. The mobile space is expected to generate more growth in the e-commerce space in the coming years.

Retailers are seeing a growing portion of their revenue come from mobile commerce

Companies like Flipkart, Amazon, and Jabong are finding a greater portion of their revenue is coming from mobile commerce. For some, as much as 50% of their online revenue is now being generated by the mobile space. As these retailers engage mobile consumers more aggressively, the amount of revenue that merchants generate from the mobile space is likely to increase. Providing consumers with an enjoyable and convenient mobile shopping experience is one of the factors that will have a major impact on whether or not consumers make purchases through their smartphones.

Wearable technology could aid in the adoption of mobile commerce

Mobile Commerce Growing WorldwideWearable devices are expected to play a role in the growing prominence of mobile commerce, as well. New devices, such as Google Glass and the Apple Watch, are likely to make it easier for consumers to make purchases in physical stores. While not all wearable devices have mobile commerce capabilities, those that do are providing retailers with a way to support  mobile transactions in their physical stores.

Electronic markets are gaining more support from retailers that want to engage in the digital space

Electronic marketplaces are becoming a more attractive solution for retailers. The logistical challenges associated with holding inventory in physical stores and juggling these challenges with the global supply chain can be an expensive problem for merchants. Electronic marketplaces can mitigate these costs and make it easier for retailers to serve mobile consumers that are interested in shopping online with their smartphones and tablets.

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