Qriket aims to pay consumers to scan QR codes


qr codes for moneyQriket believes money is a good incentive for scans

QR codes are showing up everywhere. After years or hype, these barcodes have come to dominate mobile marketing and have enabled businesses to stay engaged with consumers. While the codes continue to grow in popularity, they are still in danger of being replaced by new, more dynamic technologies, like NFC and augmented reality. One way to ensure that QR codes remain on top, in terms of mobile marketing, is to provide consumers with an incentive to scan them. Qriket believes that money is the best incentive in this endeavor.

App turns scanning QR codes into money-making game

Qriket is a relatively new startup that has an intense focus on QR codes and offering rewards to consumers. The company, which produced a mobile application by the same name, has a lot of faith in QR codes, believing them to be powerful marketing tools. The application incarnation of Qriket is billed as a mobile game that is able to close the gap between the physical and digital worlds and will provide users with a chance to win real money each time they use the application to scan a QR code.


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QR code traction could be boosted with powerful inventive

The money doesn’t come from Qriket itself. Rather, these funds come from companies that are interested in using QR codes as a marketing device. Consumers have a chance to win a percentage of the funds that these companies pay to have their codes available through the application. The concept is simple, and that simplicity has translated into steadily growing popularity. Qriket has found a way to ensure that consumers scan the QR codes they encounter in the real world, thereby also ensuring their participation in the marketing campaigns coming from companies using these codes.

Consumers still concerned over the safety and viability of QR codes

Though QR codes ate popular amongst advertisers, this is not always the case with consumers. Some have complained that the codes are simply not engaging enough, while others have their own concerns regarding mobile security. Qriket may be able to placate these concerns and help QR codes gain the traction they need amongst mobile consumers.

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