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Sonic uses QR codes to help schools and teachers

 Sonic launches QR code campaign

Fast food giant Sonic has teamed with to launch a new campaign to encourage consumers to donate to local schools. The campaign, called Limeades for Learning, leverages QR codes as a way to engage consumers. QR codes have become a formidable marketing tool and have shown that they can be quite effective in mobile commerce, thus Sonic has chosen the codes as the flagship for the new campaign. The codes may be able to entice consumers to donate to schools in their area.

Scanbuy develops new codes for Sonic campaign

The QR codes used for the campaign were developed by Scanbuy, a mobile marketing agency. These codes can be scanned using the ScanLife application, which is available for free for smart phones. When the codes are scanned, consumers will be taken to a mobile commerce site where they can search for the name of schools and education projects in their area. Donations will be used to purchase educational materials for schools associated with the campaign, such as books and writing utensils.Sonic QR Codes

QR codes allow consumers to donate to local schools

Sonic notes that more than 6,500 teachers throughout the U.S. have signed up for the Limeades for Learning campaign. claims that the country’s teachers spend a cumulative $1 billion each year out-of-pocket for school materials. Consumers will also be able to vote for educational projects they find interesting through the campaign. At the end of October, Sonic will choose the project with the winning vote and donate up to $100,000 to the project.

Codes considered ideal way to reach out to consumers

This is the fourth consecutive year that Sonic has been behind the Limeades for Learning campaign. The company believes that QR codes are the best way to reach out to consumers in an efficient manner and get them engaged in the campaign. Indeed, many consumers have proven this to be true in the past, as those with smart phones have regularly engaged in mobile marketing campaigns that make use of QR codes in some way.

Scan and Go finds its way to Sainsbury’s

 Scan and Go to be tested in Sainsbury’s stores in UK

Many consumers have become familiar with QR codes because of how often they are used in marketing. Indeed, QR codes have become one of the favored tools for advertisers looking to engage mobile consumers. The codes can do much more than provide consumers with information on products and services, however, as the UK’s Sainsbury supermarkets are preparing to show. Sainsbury has become the next location for a pilot project for the Scan and Go program, which turns QR codes into virtual checkout stands.

System already quite famous in the US

Scan and Go was tested in the U.S. some time ago at  some Walmart retail stores. The program managed to garner a fair deal of acclaim because of its ability to provide a convenient service to shoppers. Now, Sainsbury’s will be testing the program to see if similar results can be produced amongst tech-savvy consumers in the United Kingdom. Those that will be participating in the testing of the program will need the Scan and Go application, which allows them to scan the QR codes that will be riddled throughout local stores.

Consumers will be able to use QR codes to purchase items

When a customer arrives at a participating Sainsbury’s supermarket, they scan a QR code located near one of the store’s entrances. After “logging in,” shoppers can then scan the QR codes that are affixed to the products they are looking to buy. Even loose items, such as fruit, can have a QR code printed for them through an automated service. These codes provide information on the products and gives shoppers and opportunity to make a purchase from their smart phone when they are finished shopped.Sainsbury's Scan and Go

Program will provide special deals for frequent users

Scan and Go is equipped with a tracking function that monitors the spending habits of shoppers. This information is used to provide these consumers with special discounts concerning the products that they purchase often. Sainsbury’s believes that the Scan and Go system could valuable to consumers that are short on time but must get their shopping done quickly. The company does not currently have plans to replace manned and self-service checkout stands with this system.