QR codes may be easier to scan for Windows Phone users

A Bing Vision shortcut could provide greater ease of use for quick response codes.

Users of Windows Phone 8.1 based devices may find that it is now easier for them to be able to scan QR codes now that a number of changes have come along in the latest update to the operating system.

Of course, the quick response codes were far from the only change that was made in this update.

While some of the changes – such as the improvements for scanning QR codes – were more than welcome, there are others that people are finding will take some time so that they will become accustomed to them. For instance, Cortana does not have Bing Vision. However, that could be explained by the fact that it is still in its beta form. However, many are hoping that they will see that feature brought back, once more, into search.

That Bing service is used by people who scan QR codes on their smartphones.

qr codes easy to scan with phoneFor those who aren’t sure where to find the feature for scanning quick response codes anymore, following the latest updates to 8.1, they simply need to know where to look. There are a number of ways to return the feature to its previous form, but it is still in existence on the phone, it is simply in a new location. Bing Vision is now present under the Camera Lenses. While it is just as functional as it ever was, it does require several steps in order to arrive upon it in its new location.

Therefore, many people are opting to find new and more convenient ways to scan QRcodes on their devices following the update. Among the most popular – following recommendations from several known and trusted mobile app bloggers and news sites – is QR for Cortana, by DreamTeam Mobile. It is a free shortcut app that provides greater streamlining for these barcode scans.

All it does is create a new Star Tile that brings the device user directly into the Camera Lenses location so that all of the other steps could be skipped. From there, the Bing Vision option is available and QR codes can be scanned at will.

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