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PMG Assists Technology Client Turing Micro to Seek Investment Funds & Strategic Alliance Partners

Boston, MA October 07, 2021 –(– Ed Hennessy, PMG’s CEO announced today that his firm is collaborating with Turing Micro, an innovative processor technology company, to launch a target program which introduces and familiarizes investment sources to Turing’s breakthrough capabilities. This is intended to support this round of needed funding. As a by-product, PMG will also introduce and align Turing Micro with target companies that can represent leveraged relationships or Strategic Alliance Partners.

Turing Micro is a Florida/California-based processor design group of advanced technologies and IP. They have invented a new way to compute that can be built into a different class of Processor that could replace both FPGAs and GPUs. With their patented compiler and processor system, Turing can affect every level of computing from the smallest IoT, AI, and Mobile all the way to Wafer Scale HPC. Much like Tesla’s new Dojo chip, Turing has simplified compute and data movement to allow high scalability. The company is headed-up by Industry heavyweights touting over 70 processor architecture patents, a rich history with companies like Western Digital, UNISYS and other majors and with demonstrated experience taking companies from start-up to early-stage to public-company status.

Greg Paull, President for Turing Micro, “We are a fabless microprocessor design group. Our patented processor architecture is a simplification of compute and data movement. It can parallelize algorithmic processing greater and faster than today’s classic oversized centralized batch processor solutions. Thus, solving many key Industry problems that are bottlenecking Moore’s Law.”

Although the market has a range of processor variants available – all of these architectures are either too narrowly specialized or over generalized and unable to replace each other’s functionality. This means that these technologies must be integrated together in order to boost performance.

To tackle this problem, Turing Micro developed a unique architectural approach called IRDA: Instant Reconfigurable Distributed Array – this decentralized distributed intelligence approach can dynamically reconfigure the architecture in 1 clock cycle and has an individual core for every input, which results in significant performance gains, less power consumption, and Real-Time applications emphasis and benefits.

The underlying intelligence of the processor is designed into their compiler named AMPC: Algorithmic Mapping Pipelining Compiler.

Here is a link to an informative video that outlines Tesla’s Dojo in relation to Turing Micro’s patented microprocessor architecture:

Although Turing has found its way into the Defense segment with an initial award from AFWERX, the company has its eyes on opportunities within the Robotics, Drone, Artificial Intelligence, Cyber Security and Mobile/5G fields.

Greg Paull, President Turing Micro concluded, “This is a significant phase for Turing, which is highlighted by an emphasis on growth and moving our unique solutions to the next level. To accomplish this, Turing needs the support from the right class of Investors and a range of Strategic Partners that will set the tone for effective market entry.”

Ed Hennessy, CEO for PMG said, “Turing Micro fits into our sweet spot – and given the breadth of Investment sources and Technology companies that we have intimate relationships with, we are confident that PMG can make a difference and help Turing’s cause.”

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About Turing Micro
Turing Micro is an early-stage company specializing in advanced and breakthrough processor architectures and technology. The company has been operating, since 2016, and is currently seeking its next round of funding and establishing a base of Strategic Partnerships. Turing has recently secured an initial project with AFWERX, which will help to further fund the company’s efforts and support the demonstration and value of its technology solutions in the designated target environment.

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GRIP, a Verizon Wireless Exclusive Brand by DE World, Recently Launched the Grip All-in-1 Wireless Charging Phone Mount

Brooklyn, NY October 06, 2021 –(– GRIP is an exclusive brand designed for Verizon Wireless by DE World. Grip recently launched the Grip All-in-1 Wireless Charging Phone Mount, the first car mount that gives the user the choice of how they want to mount their phone.

Wireless charging has been one of the biggest innovations in phone charging technology in recent years, and while it’s great for desktops, it’s been a frustrating experience for people on the go.

Most wireless car chargers can be safety hazards because they require the phone to sit on the dashboard. While it may not be an issue for some drivers, many drivers use their phone’s navigation system or other apps while driving.

Using the Grip All-in-1 allows drivers to both charge their phone wirelessly and keep their eyes on the road.

This Grip All-in-1 Wireless Car Phone Mount is optimized for most Qi Wireless compatible Apple and Samsung phones and features arms that expand to hold your phone and rubber padding that keeps your device in place, whether you’re driving in stop-and-go rush-hour traffic or a bumpy dirt road in an RV.

The Qi wireless charger supports 15W Fast Charge and fits phones up to 3.5” wide x 8” tall. It also includes a Qualcomm 3.0 USB car charger and 4ft USB-C charging cable.

The best feature about the Grip All-in-1 phone mount is that it comes equipped with 4 different mounting options; including a suction mount for the dashboard or windshield, an air vent mount, a CD-slot mount, and an adhesive mount for anywhere you want.

Product Link: Grip All-in-1 Wireless Charger
Product Video: Click Here to watch Intro
Verizon Buy Product Link: Click Here

Pricing and Availability:

The Grip All-in-1 Wireless Car Phone Mount is available exclusively at Verizon corporate stores and on their website for $79.99 at Grip offers a 1-year warranty from date of purchase on all mounts.

About Digital Energy World:

DE World believes in enhancing your digital life and overall product experience, by incorporating style and quality into their line. Digital Energy® World is a leading provider of consumer electronics and accessory brands. With a passion for technology and innovation since 1999, DE has developed a global presence by consistently evolving alongside the tech and fashion industries to create a full cutting edge product line.

Our newest assortment of products is an exclusive line of GRIP phone mounts and surge protectors exclusively designed and sold at Verizon stores.

For more information about Grip and the full Grip product line, visit

View some of their other products on Verizon:

Grip 8 Outlet Surge Protector
Grip 4 Port w/4 USB Power Strip Surge Protector
Grip 5 Outlet Power Tower Surge Protector

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