Peruvian mobile commerce predicted to thrive

Mobile commerce to find more success in Peru this year

Mobile commerce could become a major boon for companies in Peru. SafetyPay Peru believes that the rise of mobile commerce could lead to a 15% increase in sales for companies that work to engage those with smartphones, tablets, and other devices. Device penetration has made consumers more mobile-centric and companies may have to follow suit in order to find continued success in the coming years. These companies will, of course, have to overcome potential security issues in order to effectively serve mobile consumers.

Consumers are becoming more confident in the security and services of companies participating in the mobile commerce space

In Peru, more consumers are beginning to participate in mobile commerce. This is due to growing confidence that consumers have in platforms that allow them to shop for and purchase products with their mobile devices. In the past, security concerns had lead many consumers to avoid mobile shopping. Companies offering mobile commerce services have worked to make their solutions more secure in order to protect consumer information. This has lead to consumers becoming more confident in the mobile sector, which comes with a willingness to purchase products through shopping platforms.


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Retailers will have to become more comfortable with mobile technology in order to connect with consumers

Mobile Commerce - Flag of PeruRetailers may have trouble engaging mobile consumers because they are not well versed in mobile technology. Many retailers focus on traditional channels in order to connect with consumers, but they are beginning to feel pressure to become more mobile-centric. One way retailers are trying to connect with consumers is through offering them special deals if they make purchases through a mobile device.

Mobile commerce to see significant growth in the near future

Peru is expected to see a major increase in mobile commerce activity in the coming months. More companies are likely to bring their mobile payment services and other solutions to the country in order to find success in the thriving mobile space. Mobile commerce still faces significant challenges, but companies are likely to overcome these challenges and make the sector more valuable in the near future.

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