Panera Bread launches new mobile payments application

New app aims to help Panera Bread recover from operational struggles

Panera Bread Company has launched a new mobile application that aims to help the company recover from the operational struggles it has faced over the past 18 months. The mobile app is meant to help the company’s restaurants better manage the high volume of orders they receive during peak hours by taking advantage of the mobile commerce scene. More consumers are beginning to use their mobile devices in restaurants to pay for their purchases and many of these consumers are praising the efficient nature of mobile commerce services being provided by these restaurants.

App could improve the efficiency on Panera Bread restaurants

The new mobile application aims to address efficiency and consumer satisfaction issues by giving customers the ability to order and purchase food from Panera Bread restaurants using a mobile device. The application is free and can even be used to find Panera Bread locations using geolocation services. The company expects that restaurant efficiency will be increased as the new application becomes more widely used among consumers.

Consumers are becoming mobile-centric

New Mobile Payments ApplicationMobile commerce continues to attract a great deal of attention across numerous industries as the demand for mobile-centric services continues to raise among consumers. People are eager to have their mobile devices play a more important role in their daily lives and mobile commerce represents the next step in the process of integrating mobile technology with people’s lives. As the demand for mobile services continues to rise among consumers, businesses are beginning to take steps to meet this demand more aggressively.

Mobile commerce is not a guaranteed success with most consumers due to poor experiences in the past

While mobile commerce is in high demand, it can be difficult for companies to find success with their mobile payments endeavors. In the past, retailers have tried to engage consumers with their own mobile commerce platforms only to find that these platforms were unable to live up to the expectations that consumers have. Poor experiences with these platforms have caused many people to avoid mobile commerce services being offered in the retail sector.

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