FloJack from Flomio seeks support through crowd funding

FloJack campaign launched to bring NFC to iOS platform

Flomio, an ambitious NFC-based mobile commerce startup, is looking to bring NFC technology to the iOS platform. Apple caught a lot of flak for shunning NFC technology with the latest edition of the iPhone, and the company has been adamant in its position that NFC technology is not yet ready for its plans for mobile commerce. That means that, for the time being, iPhone users will largely be left out of any mobile commerce initiative or service that emerges within the next few years until Apple decides on a suitable alternative to the technology. Flomio is hoping to solve that problem with FloJack.

FloJack seeks to be funded through Kickstarter

The startup has launched a Kickstarter campaign for its FloJack device. Kickstarter is a crowd funding platform that has been remarkably successful for ambitious projects. The FloJack device is designed to connect to any iOS device and give that device NFC capabilities. The FloJack is equipped with an NFC chip that can enable an iOS device to conduct mobile transactions, engage in NFC-based marketing campaigns, or facilitate wireless data sharing.

FloJack not likely the ultimate NFC solution for iOS

The FloJack campaign was launched late last week through Kickstarter. Flomio is looking to raise $80,000 in funding for the project. The developers are well aware that the FloJack will not have an indefinite lifespan, especially as Apple works to find an alternative to NFC technology. Flomio co-founder Tim Ronan notes that the FloJack is meant to get iOS fans prepared for the day when NFC technology, or something very similar, makes its way to the iPhone, iPad, and iPod.

Similar devices aim to expand mobile commerce accessibility

FloJack is not the first of its kind. The UK’s Square has a similar device that is designed to allow consumers without NFC-enabled devices to conduct mobile transactions. These devices are addressing an issue that currently exists in the mobile commerce industry. That issue is the lack of NFC-enabled devices. Without these devices, consumers cannot participate in mobile commerce in an effective manner.

Tis the season to get your mobile marketing campaign in gear

Holiday Mobile Shopping is Here!

It’s already past halfway through October and though the holiday shopping season is now upon us, preparations should be underway .It may not yet be time to deck the halls, but it is important that you have a strategy in place for how you intent do accomplish your holiday shopping season goals, including your mobile marketing strategy.

The time for planning is now, so that you will be prepared when shoppers are ready to buy.

A successful business never waits until the last second to try to make its orders from its suppliers for the holiday shopping season, and the same thing can be said about advertising campaigns. This year, any company that plans to make the very most of the most important retail months of the year will also need to have a mobile marketing plan in place.

The fact is that just over half of all Americans now have smartphones and that is too great an opportunity to miss.

By the time the holiday shopping season comes around, that number will have grown even further. It would be foolish toMobile Commerce Holiday Season allow your competition to reach out to them, while you sit back and attempt to benefit from the more traditional methods you’ve used in the past.

Mobile marketing has come a long way and, though it still has a long way to go, it has a great deal to offer. Fortunately, aside from the number of people that it can reach, it is also so inexpensive to use that it is possible to work through several campaigns in order to give the final drafts for the holidays all of the polish that they need.

This means that even if you dedicate only a small fraction of your complete advertising budget to mobile marketing, you will still have a significant chance to engage consumers and draw them to make a purchase. Conversely, if you don’t place any focus on smartphone shoppers at all, you will likely be left behind, and you will be even less prepared next year, when it will certainly be a vital practice.

The time has come to get started on the plans that your business has for mobile marketing in the holiday season. By doing so, you will be planting the seeds for growth over many years to come.