TSYS introduces new NFC technology based service for businesses


TSYS unveils NFC Payment Solution

Total System Services (TSYS), a leading financial services company in the U.S., has introduced a new NFC-based service for its North American clients called the TSYS NFC Payment Solution. The service will be launched with the help of CIBC, another affluent financial services firm serving North America. The new service is designed to make mobile transactions and account logistics more convenient for businesses. TSYS is one of the latest companies showing support for NFC technology in its work to bring the technology into the world of business.

NFC and mobile commerce continue to grow

NFC technology is the crux of mobile commerce. The technology turns smart phones and other mobile devices into mobile payment platforms. This allows these devices to be used to make payments for goods and services in a similar manner to credit cards. Mobile commerce has proven to be a popular idea amongst consumers, but the business world has relatively few options when it comes to NFC-based sNFC Technology for mobile payments industryervices. TSYS hopes to change that through the introduction of its own service.

Service allows businesses to better serve consumers

The NFC Payment Solution allows users to create mobile accounts, identify mobile devices, and generate financial data that will be used with a specific mobile device. The service represents a step forward for TSYS’ “Connected Mobility” campaign, which was announced earlier this year. The campaign aims to provide businesses and financial institutions with a way to better serve consumers who are interested in mobile commerce. Through this campaign, TSYS aims to support the existing NFC-based services that businesses have as well as facilitate the development of new services for consumers.

Lack of NFC-enabled mobile devices may stunt growth of mobile commerce industry

Mobile commerce is proving to be a powerful industry and has shown exceptional growth in its relatively short lifetime. The most significant problem facing the industry, however, is the low availability of NFC-enabled devices. Companies like TSYS have ensured that the mobile commerce infrastructure is prepared to support a large number of consumers, but without NFC-enabled mobile devices, these consumers cannot actually engage in mobile commerce.

New augmented reality system revealed by Marine Corps

Augmented reality system could change the way soldiers are trained

The U.S. Marine Corps has revealed a new prototype training system that makes use of augmented reality. The augmented reality system is meant to provide soldiers with a more immersive experience while training, better preparing them for what they may experience in an actually combat environment. Augmented reality has become quite popular in the military industry because of its potential to change warfare. The technology has begun expanding beyond the boundaries of novelty and has become something that can be used effectively in practical applications.

System provides digital experience in lieu of real world events

The Marine Corps’ Augmented Immersive Team Training (AITT) system represents a five-year research project that is being conducted by the Office of Naval Research. This project also includes augmented reality training systems for the Army. The AITT system is lightweight, portable, and does not require a user to be contained within a virtual reality facility. A head-mounted device equipped with a variety of sensors is used to allow the user to see digital content superimposed over the real world. A backpack containing the augmented Marine Core Augmented Realityreality system is linked to the head-mounted device.

Augmented reality system garners favor through demonstration

The system first maps the terrain in which a soldier will be trained. After this process is complete, augmented reality experiences can be embedded wherever necessary. The system was demonstrated earlier this month in New Jersey, where it garners favor from observers. The augmented reality system is praised for its potential ability to provide soldiers with an immersive experience that does not require significant funding to replicate. Because the training is conducted digitally, the military can save money on fabricating the elaborate training exercises that are needed to ensure soldiers are adequately prepared for real combat.

Military continues to show favor for augmented reality

Augmented reality is becoming more attractive to the world’s various military organizations. The technology is currently being tested in South Korea and could soon find a place in other nations looking to upgrade their military with new technologies. While the U.S. military is currently interested in using augmented reality for training purposes, the technology is likely to be used for other, more advanced purposes in the future.