OpinionLab study highlights consumer satisfaction with tablet devices

Tablet Devices T-Commerce StudyOpinionLab sheds light on consumer feedback

OpinionLab, a leading provider of Voice of Customer feedback, has released its Holiday 2012 eCommerce Site Experience Findings study. The study focuses on shedding insight on the experiences that consumers had using mobile commerce and e-commerce platforms during their holiday shopping in 2012. Christmas has yet to arrive, so the study mostly accounts for the experiences consumers had during the Thanksgiving shopping weekend, which includes Black Friday and Cyber Monday. The study draws upon the information provided by more than 43,000 consumers.

Consumers favor tablets over smart phones

Mobile commerce had a strong showing during the holiday shopping season this year. Millions of consumers made use of their mobile devices in order to purchase the products that they wanted the most. According to OpinionLab, one theme dominated the feedback they received for the study: Most consumers favored their tablet device over their smart phones when shopping. The study notes that consumers using tablets were more satisfied with their shopping experience than those using smart phones.

Tablets are not ideal for commerce

Though consumers preferred their tablet devices, the study shows that tablets were most favored for shopping, not for actually purchasing products. The study indicates that more consumers used tablet devices to research products, price hunt, and browse online stores. Customer satisfaction begins to diminish when mobile transactions become involved, with consumers claiming that tablet devices are not well suited to take advantage of e-commerce platforms. Part of this may be due to the fact that e-commerce platforms are rarely optimized to be used on tablet devices.

2013 may be a great year for mobile commerce

Tablets are becoming more popular with consumers, presenting a promising opportunity for retailers and other businesses in terms of engagement. Tablets have already shown promising growth this holiday season and this momentum may well carry into next year. OpinionLab predicts that mobile commerce will have an even stronger performance in the 2013 holiday season than it did this year.

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