Nike and Apple may come together on wearable technology

Nike could play a role in Apple’s plans for wearable devices in the relatively near future

Nike CEO Mark Parker recently made comments suggesting that the acclaimed sports accessories company may soon be partnering with Apple. This partnership may result in the development of a new smart watch that will be equipped with several features associated with athletics. Rumors concerning Apple’s foray into the field of wearable technology have been circulating for some time, but the famed technology company has been very modest in releasing information concerning such efforts.

Company intends to move away from hardware in order to focus more on software

Nike has also shown that it is disinclined to reveal information concerning its future interests in wearable devices and its potential partnerships with other companies. The company has recently announced that it will be exiting the manufacture of wearable devices after the lackluster performance of its FuelBand device. Instead, Nike is keen to focus on the software that such devices use. This software could find a home in a wide range of wearable devices that could be released in the future, particularly those developed by Apple.

Large tech companies are becoming more aggressive with the idea of wearable devices

Wearable Technology - Apple & NikeWearable technology has become a subject of interest in the tech field. More companies are beginning to develop devices that they believe will revolutionize the way people interact with each other and their surroundings. Google Glass is one such device that is meant to quite literally change the way people see the world around them. Samsung has also been involving itself in the development of smart watches that have strong social media potential.

Large companies may see a great deal of benefit through partnerships with their smaller counterparts

While large technology companies are becoming more aggressive when it comes to wearable devices, they are discovering that they must partner with others in order to ensure that these devices are successful. Nike may not be well known for its wearable devices, but the company is certainly in a position to drive up the appeal of devices that it is developing software for.

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