New mobile commerce trial launched in the UK

Marks & Spencer Mobile CommerceM&S launched pilot project focused on mobile commerce

British retailer Marks & Spencer (M&S) has taken interest in the concept of mobile payments. The retailer is gearing to launch a new pilot program in order to make mobile payments possible among its consumer base. The program is centered around a mobile application that will facilitate transactions made from a consumer’s smartphone. This program is primarily focused on the retailer’s line of coffee shops and will enable customers to take advantage of a new form of commerce that they too have been growing increasingly interested in.

Retailers begin responding to demands from consumers

Mobile commerce is becoming more common throughout the United Kingdom’s retail sector. Retailers throughout the country are beginning to see mobile commerce as a very lucrative and favorable venture, especially as more consumers rely more heavily on their mobile devices. Many of these consumers have begun to show strong favor for mobile commerce because of the convenience it represents, while others are attracted to it because of its novelty. Many retailers expect that mobile commerce will eventually become the most prolific form of commerce in the world.

M&S Digital Lab and Paddle develop new mobile commerce application

M&S has set its sights on mobile commerce in order to address customer experience. In February, the retailer launched its Digital Lab division, which is focused on using and developing technology to make the shopping experience more enjoyable for customers. The M&S Digital Lab had help building its mobile commerce application from Paddle, a technology start-up based in London.

Retail industry looking to establish a future in mobile payments

Mobile commerce was once rare in the retail industry, with many retailers showing concern for the security of mobile payments. As consumers became more comfortable with shopping for and purchasing products on their mobile devices, retailers began to grow more accepting of the concept. Now mobile commerce is on the verge of sparking a revolution in the way people pay for what they are interested in, and the retail industry is keen to not be left out of this growing trend.

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