Mobile technology will play a central role in digital factories of tomorrow

This will be combined with the use of robotics as well as big data in the future of this industry.

According to the results of recent research that has now been published, 36 percent of companies within the manufacturing industry expect mobile technology and apps to play an important role in improving their financial performance both today and into the future.

Moreover, 47 percent of those companies think that big data analytics will be a defining factor in their future.

Another 49 percent said that they felt that advanced analytics would be an important part of the reduction of the cost of operations and to be able to most efficiently use their assets. This was the result of the SCM World report that was entitled “The Digital Factory: Game-Changing Technologies That Will Transform Manufacturing Industry.” It was a collaborative effort between that organization and MESA International that provided data based on a survey that was conducted to better understand the impact of various types of manufacturing tech, including mobile technology, data, and analysis tools in terms of timeline and investment priority.

Online surveys were completed online in order to express opinions regarding mobile technology, big data, and more.

Mobile Technology - FutureParticipants were MESA International and SCM World corporate members. The respondents were excluded from the analysis when they were collected from the software and professional services sectors.

The participants were made up of 22 percent manufacturing and production, 21 percent IT technology, 14 percent operations and engineering, and 8 percent general management. Geographically, 40 percent of the respondents were from Europe, the Middle East, and Africa, 38 percent were from North and South America, and 22 percent were from Asia and Australia.

The three most disruptive forms of tech that manufacturers currently see in to the industry were mobile technology and applications (75 percent), big data analytics (68 percent), and advanced robotics (64 percent). SCM World specifically pointed out that mobile tech and apps were seeing notable and growing adoption across the plant floor. It pointed out that this trend was having a considerable impact on the measure, control, and supervision of manufacturing operations.

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