Mobile security threats could become more serious due to 4G networks

4G could exaggerate the mobile security risks that businesses and consumers face

Security has been a growing concern in the mobile space for years. As consumers become more reliant on mobile technology, the more malicious parties begin to target smartphones and tablets to attain valuable information. Security concerns have become more pronounced due to the growing popularity of mobile commerce. With mobile payments growing more common, mobile security has become a top priority for many businesses and organizations around the world. Voltage is one such company.

Voltage predicts surge in cyber crime

Voltage is a leading security firm that believes a surge in cyber crime is on the horizon. While the advent of mobile commerce has lead to a rise in hacking and other such attacks, it may be the expansion of the 4G network that could make threats significantly more dangerous for consumers and businesses alike. Voltage suggests that the introduction of 4G speeds could leave businesses, especially, somewhat exposed to cyber attacks.

Mobile Security Threats 4GMobile devices may not be as secure as they can be

4G connectivity allows consumers using mobile devices to access the Internet more quickly. For businesses, 4G means faster online services, which could mean better consumer engagement. Many businesses already encourage employees to use their mobile devices for a variety of purposes, especially when it comes to consumer engagement. As 4G connectivity becomes more common, these devices may begin to pose a significant mobile security threat for businesses, as these devices are not necessarily protected against the major risks they face.

Consumers and businesses encouraged to take steps to protect themselves

Voltage suggests that businesses should take steps to protect themselves from the expansion of 4G networks. These networks themselves are not considered a problem, but they could become a very popular avenue for hackers and malicious groups that are looking to take advantage of any mobile security shortfalls that may exist. Consumers are also being encouraged to take measures to protect themselves, especially those that participate in mobile commerce.

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