Mobile security marketplace could break the $4 billion mark in 2014

The global market is starting to reach record heights and a new report shows that it will take off by the end of this year.

The mobile security marketplace is all lined up to reach record breaking new heights this year, according to a report that has been released by a firm called Visiongain.

A rise in smart devices and connectivity has added to the need for this extra level of protection.

This has been especially true in the workforce, which has been increasingly dependent on smartphones and, therefore, requires added mobile security to keep data safe. After all, the popularity of these devices has made them into a very appealing target for cybercriminals who are after the data that is contained on those mobile devices.

BYOD programs have made the need for mobile security policies a requirement for businesses.

According to the Visiongain report, “Mobile devices cause ongoing concern for IT teams responsible for information security.” It also went on to add that “Sensitive corporate information can be easily transported and lost, while the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) movement has dramatically increased the number of expensive security incidents.”mobile security marketplace could break $4 billion

The report was entitled “The Mobile Security (mSecurity) Market Forecast 2014-2024: Future Prospects For Leading Players.” Within it, considerable insight was provided regarding the current trends in this marketplace as well as the direction that it will be taking over the next ten years.

This year, alone, software to protect smartphones and other devices has truly been coming into its own. Where people used to think that it was required only for PCs, they are now starting to realize that it is just as important for protecting the information that they have on their smartphones, particularly if those devices are being used for professional purposes.

What this has meant is that the mobile security market, according to Visiongain, is now set for a tremendous growth throughout this year and that by the end of it, it will have reached the $4.5 billion mark. That will be well beyond the figures that the market has managed to reach in any previous year.

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