Mobile payments reach new heights for Starbucks

Starbucks Mobile PaymentsStarbucks reports spike in mobile payments

Over the past two years, Starbucks has been slowly increasing its mobile presence. The company has seen a marked increase in mobile traffic as more consumers begin to visit its website from mobile devices, but a relatively new trend shows that consumers are becoming more inclined to pay for purchases using their smartphones and tablets. Starbucks has reported a sharp increase in mobile payments over the past year, claiming that the company has reached a major milestone in the realm of mobile commerce.

Company continues to focus on mobile sector

According to Starbucks, more than three million mobile payments are made for the company’s products every week in the U.S. The company suggests that mobile payments are so popular with consumers because they represent a more convenient way to pay for goods. Many consumers that frequent Starbucks have mobile devices of some kind, making them more apt to make a payment using their smartphone or tablet. Starbucks suggests that doing so may be a matter of prestige, as mobile payments are considered somewhat exclusive due to the lack of comprehensive mobile commerce services in several industries.


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New global initiative expected to be launched by Starbucks

Backed by the strong growth of mobile commerce, Starbucks has announced plans to launch a new cross-channel, multi-brand loyalty initiative that will cover the globe. The initiative is meant to highlight the social aspects of Starbucks and provide more value to business partnerships around the world. Mobile payments are expected to play some role in the initiative as Starbucks looks to promote mobile commerce outside of the U.S.

US is not only country where mobile payments are gaining momentum

While Starbucks has seen major growth in mobile payments in its home country, the U.S. is not the only place where mobile commerce is taking off. The United Kingdom and Asian Pacific markets are home to aggressive growth in the mobile commerce sector. This growth is largely due to a growing population that can afford smartphones and tablets as well as the introduction of easy-to-use mobile commerce services in several countries.

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