Mobile payments are highest among smartphone users

Retailers may need to optimize their mobile sites if they want to engage consumers effectively

NetElixir has released a new report concerning mobile shoppers and their proclivity to purchase products online. Mobile commerce has become a powerful force in the retail industry, but not all retailers are taking steps to ensure that they are engaging consumers effectively. Many retailers have poorly optimized websites, which make it difficult for mobile shoppers to actually spend any money while they are shopping. If retailers cannot take mobile consumers seriously, they could be missing out on a major opportunity.

Smartphone conversion on optimized sites is 160% higher than on non-optimized sites

According to the report from NetElixir, conversion rates for smartphone users on sites that are optimized for mobile devices is 160% higher than conversion rates for shoppers on non-optimized sites. Websites that are optimized for mobile devices are easier for consumers to navigate when they are shopping on a smartphone or tablet. It is also easier for consumers to finalize a payment through such websites, whereas consumers often abandon their purchases on non-optimized sites due to frustration.


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Smartphone users are also willing to spend more money on optimized sites

mobile payments high among smartphone usersThe report also shows that consumers are more willing to spend money on optimized sites. Mobile shoppers spent an average of 70% more money on a mobile optimized site than on non-optimized sites. Smartphone users are also spending more money than those shopping from a PC or laptop, according to the report. Impulse purchases may be part of the reason behind this, as mobile shoppers are more inclined to make a seemingly spontaneous purchase than those shopping on a PC or laptop.

Retailers could miss out on holiday season opportunity if they do not optimize their websites

If retailers choose not to optimize their sites for mobile consumers by the holiday season, they could miss out on a significant revenue opportunity. Over the past few years, mobile commerce has flourished during the holiday season. Retailers that were able to effectively engage mobile consumers found a great deal of success, while those that ignored mobile consumers did not.

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