Mobile payments capabilities through Square expand with gift cards

Mobile Payments Gift CardThe latest update of the wallet app is designed to make it easier for givers and receivers.

Square Wallet has just announced that its mobile payments app has a new update that will make it simpler for its users to be able to purchase and to exchange gift cards for participating retailers.

This latest update is available for the application designed for both Android and iOS devices.

The announcement stated that Square gift cards can be sent directly from the purchaser’s smartphone or tablet, directly to the recipient. It is reported to function immediately through the electronic receipt that is sent to the purchaser (the giver) from merchants who accept mobile payments through the Square Wallet program.

This is an important step for Square in its gift card mobile payments offerings as it could expand its own use.

The mobile payments app first started its compatibility with gift cards in December of last year, just in time for the heart of the last minute holiday shopping rush. This provided merchants with the ability to offer electronic gift cards to consumers, who could then redeem them using their smartphone and tablet devices.


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Participating retailers enjoyed this capability as it gave them the opportunity to offer these gift cards without having to rely on a third party provider for the plastic cards and redemption systems.

This latest update to the mobile payments app allows consumers to both buy the gift cards and send them directly to the recipients through the receipt that they receive electronically from the merchant. The Wallet company feels that this is an important step for providing convenience to the users of the service.

However, there is also a great deal of benefit to be had for Square, itself, if the program should take off. To the company, the true benefit isn’t necessarily convenience as much as the fact that if a recipient would like to be able to receive the gift card, then he or she will be required to download the mobile payments app and then use it when making a purchase. Potentially, this could expand the downloading and the use of the smartphone wallet service as consumers purchase and send gift cards to one another.

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