Mobile marketing network fitness partnership formed

The deal was just publicly confirmed between TapJoy and Nido Labs and its popular fitness apps.

A partnership has just been formed between the popular mobile marketing network, Tapjoy, and the creator of Alpha Trainer, Nido Labs, in order to provide consumers with an entirely new way to sign up for their own workout programs.

There is tremendous potential in this deal as Tapjoy already reaches up to 435 million people every month.

This, in combination with the fact that Nido Labs’s Alpha Trainer is among the highest grossing mobile fitness applications currently available, means that the mobile marketing network partnership is a powerful one. It will also mean that consumers will have a new opportunity to obtain an advanced 14 week long workout program that will be sent to them directly through their smartphones or tablets.

The purpose of the mobile marketing network partnership is to help users keep in budget while staying in shape.

Mobile Marketing Network - Fitness AppThis, according to the announcement that was made to inform the public of the new partnerships. Effective right away, the Alpha Trainer app’s Android version is now integrated into the model for the Tapjoy Mobile Value Exchange, in which consumers earn virtual rewards by engaging with the ads that they receive on their mobile devices. By doing so, they gain access to various different kinds of digital rewards. In this case, it means that they can use the massive database of more than 100,000 customized workout programs that are being labeled as professional quality.

The joint statement that was released by Tapjoy and Nido Labs, expressed that “This partnership follows a trend of content verticals embracing the rewarded advertising model and marks a shift in how fitness programs are made available to consumers”. This will also place Alpha Trainer among the first personal fitness and training applications that provides a value exchange and virtual rewards model that will allow its users to be able to obtain a 14 week workout program of a professional quality.

The mobile marketing network program is also working on establishing alternative payment methods so that customized programs can also be customized.

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