Mobile gaming is a serious battleground between Google and Apple

These tech giants are fighting their way for leadership within this very popular and lucrative space.

At a time in which Google appears to be edging its way ahead of the smartphone based commerce environment, there are other areas in which it appears to be lagging behind, but it also looks to be highly determined to keep a top position when it comes to mobile gaming.

When compared to Amazon, Google’s cloud computing and ad revenues are not growing as rapidly.

Some investors are starting to become a little bit nervous that this could be a sign that Google is attempting to grow too quickly and that it is overextending its way into too many ecosystems. That said, if there is one area in which it is placing a massive amount of focus, it can easily be identified as mobile gaming. As that environment continues its evolution, Both Google and Apple have been doing their best to carve out an experience that is the most appealing for developers, marketers, and customers, alike.

iPhone and Android are clearly in a tremendous mobile gaming battle of epic proportions.

The purpose of this all-out war is to be able to claim supremacy in this space that has revenue potential on a series of different levels. They are now working to come up with their own winning strategies to be able to create mobile based game atmosphere that will be as profitable as that within the stationary device ecosystem.Mobile Gaming - Google & Apple

A new move has also been made to help to draw more appeal for mobile gaming product developers, as both Google and Apple have given them a temporary opportunity for exclusive promotion rights. In this, they are hopeful that they will be able to boost the sales of the games themselves on the smartphones that use their operating systems, and that the game offerings will be appealing enough to draw smartphone owners to switch to their platforms.

Google and Apple are hoping that they will be able to offer games that will be available exclusively on their own platforms so that consumers will want those specific mobile gaming opportunities so much that they would change their devices and switch their operating systems in order to be able to play them.

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