Mobile gaming from Borderlands 2 uses QR codes to LootTheWorld

By scanning quick response codes, gamers will be able to unlock more loot and features.

While Borderlands 2 is hardly a new entry to the mobile gaming world, having been released back on September 18, 2012, it remains an extremely popular experience and it has just received a new element in the form of QR codes, on top of the release of its third and last Headhunter DLC pack that occurred on Tuesday.

Players who have camera enabled smartphones will unlock a massive amount of new game through barcode scans.

This Gearbox Software mobile gaming experience has undergone a tremendous amount of experimentation in order to bring in new content. The most recent version of that is the LootTheWorld app, which has recently made its way into availability. It is essentially a revved up reader for QR codes that integrates with the player’s Gearbox Shift account. Whenever a quick response code is spotted in the real world – it doesn’t matter which one or where it is – a scan will allow some kind of item such as a grenade, shield, weapon, or class mod to be unlocked.

Scanning QR codes can also win mobile gaming stamps for players, which can be redeemed for loot.

The stamps can be sent into the Borderlands 2 save (once the player has signed in to his or her Shift account). Though the post that Gearbox has made regarding the app has said that traditional barcodes can also be scanned in order to gain these loot rewards, as of the writing of this article, there have been many comments left by players saying that they have been unsuccessful in doing this, so far. While the app is able to detect them, it provides only an error when a scan is actually attempted.

Players have also pointed out that while they appreciate that they can earn extra stamps through scans of QR codes, the mobile gaming experience would be considerably enhanced if there were some way to actually view the tally of stamps that have been collected (or if there is a way, if it was easier to find).

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