Mobile games market poised for major growth

Mobile Games GrowthMobile games market to reach new heights in near future

Juniper Research, a leading market research firm, has released a new study concerning the future of the mobile games market. The study, “Mobile and Tablet Games — Discovery, In-App Purchases and Advertising 2013-2017,” suggests that the mobile games market is poised to see major success and growth in the near future, especially as more consumers get their hands on mobile devices like smart phones and tablets. As mobile device proliferation becomes more widespread, mobile games are expected to begin having a major impact on the global game industry.

Market to exceed $3 billion by 2017

According to the study, global sales of mobile games are expected to reach $3 billion over the next four years. The rapid adoption of tablet devices is cited as one of the key drivers behind this aggressive growth. In-game purchases are also becoming more common among consumers, especially where virtual currencies are involved. Many mobile games offer virtual currency, which can be purchased with actual currency. Virtual currency can be used to purchase a wide assortment of goods in games and this type of currency has become very popular among avid gamers.

North America and Asia will power growth

The study shows that the North American and Asian markets will see the most growth in the mobile games market. These two regions will account for 86% of in-game transactions by 2016. China, in particular, will see a major surge in mobile games as the country’s game developers become more ambitious. Juniper Research notes that the Chinese market reached $1 billion in 2012 and this momentum has yet to show signs of dissipating.

Smart phones to beat out tablets

Despite the growing popularity of tablet devices, smart phones will continue to be the most popular platform on which to make in-game purchases. Consumers continue to show favor for smart phones because of their versatile nature and the fact that can be used for much more than mobile games. Tablets boast of some versatility as well, but do not offer the same features that consumers have come to appreciate with smart phones.

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