Mobile games begin encroaching on PC gaming market in China

China mobile gamesMobile games are picking up steam in China

When it comes to online gaming, China is a thriving market. China has been closed off to console gaming for several years, but this has allowed the PC gaming sector to thrive. While laws exist in the country that limit the amount of time a person can spend on online games, the PC game market has managed to grow exponentially over the past few years. According to a new report from Niko Partners, the PC online game market in China is expected to hit $11.9 billion in revenue by the end of this year. Mobile games, however, may derail these forecasts.

Online games continue to prove very successful among consumers

One of the most popular online games in China currently is World of Warcraft. This game has helped the PC gaming market thrive due to its addicting nature and the hours upon hours of content it offers to players. Less popular online games have also helped the growth of the market, but the grip that these games have on the Chinese market may be loosened by a major shift in focus toward mobile games and other, less casual titles.

Mobile games offer consumers more freedom

The Chinese market is beginning to grow more interested in mobile games. Part of the reason behind this is because these games are often more social and much more casual than other online games. China also does not restrict the time consumers can spend on mobile games, and these games are not required to be played in Internet cafes, making them immediately more accommodating to those that are not interested in spending a few hours in a particular space.

Online games expected to continue showing strong progress

While online games may be losing their luster with Chinese consumers to some degree, the market is still responsible for strong revenue. Niko Partners predicts that the online PC gaming market will continue to grow despite the impact of mobile games and that this growth will remain steady for the next five years.

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