New mobile commerce system born through partnership

mobile commerce partnershipShopKeep teams with LevelUp to introduce for new approach on mobile commerce

ShopKeep, one of the fastest growing point of sale iOS platforms for small businesses, has announced its partnership with LevelUp, a leading customer loyalty and mobile commerce company. Together, the two parties will launch a new solution for retailers to process mobile payments and build loyalty among consumers. The new solution will cater to the demands coming from consumers concerning more robust options in the field of mobile commerce. ShopKeep expects that small businesses will find a great deal of success through a unified mobile commerce and loyalty point of sale platform.

ShopKeep aims to engage mobile consumers more effectively

ShopKeep has etched out a name for itself in the retail industry, as well as others, through the development of a point of sale system that makes use of Apple’s iPad. Businesses can use this system to serve customers in a variety of ways, using the iPad as a form of high-tech cash register. Teaming with LevelUp brings mobile commerce capabilities to ShopKeep’s already popular system, allowing businesses to accommodate a growing number of consumers that are showing interest in making purchases with their mobile devices.

Mobile commerce continues to grow in popularity

The advent of mobile technology has enabled consumers to experience the world in a different way. Mobile commerce is quickly becoming a major part of the mobile world, especially as more people acquire smart phones and tablet devices. Consumers are finding it easier to purchase products using their mobile devices rather than using traditional forms of currency. The retailer industry has taken notice of this trend and has been working to embrace mobile commerce more aggressively.

Simple mobile payments may be favorable for consumers

LevelUp believes that ShopKeep’s use of its mobile payment processing technology will make mobile commerce more alluring to both businesses and consumers. The technology will make it easier for companies using the ShopKeep system to accept mobile transactions while also providing consumers with a straightforward approach to the issue of mobile payments and giving them access to a variety of loyalty rewards.

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