Mobile commerce has a strong showing on Mega Monday in the UK

Mega Monday proves attractive to mobile shoppers

IBM Digital Analytics has released a new report concerning the performance of mobile commerce in the United Kingdom on the famous “Mega Monday” shopping event. Mega Monday fell on November 25 this year and is quite popular among consumers because of the special deals and discounts retailers tend to offer on that particular day. This year, consumers appeared to have favored shopping with their mobile devices rather than participate in traditional forms of commerce, largely due to convenience issues.

42% of online retail traffic came from mobile devices on Mega Monday

According to the report, online sales rose by 33.5% on Mega Monday over what they had been during the same day of 2012. Approximately 42% of all online traffic came from mobile devices, a 68% increase over 2012’s online retail traffic volume. The majority of this traffic resulted in a sale, with consumers taking advantage of the deals that were being offered by retailers during Mega Monday.

Tablets are ideal for mobile shopping

Mobile Commerce UK - Mega MondayThe report shows that many people favored their tablets over their smartphones when it came to mobile shopping. This is largely due to the more accommodating nature of tablets. The large screens of these devices make it easier for consumers to navigate retail sites, thereby making it easier to find and purchase products that they are interested in. Smartphones remain popular among most consumers, however, due to their convenient size.

Retailers look to mimic the success of the past

The holiday season has long been a significant time of year for retailers. Over the past two years, retailers have been putting more focus on the mobile sector, and this has been paying off for many companies. In 2011 and 2012, retailers saw a significant increase in revenue due to their proclivity for engaging mobile consumers. Many are hoping to mimic this success this year by ramping up their mobile commerce initiatives.

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