Mobile commerce shows strong growth in the US and Europe

Consumers showing aggressive interest in mobile commerce

Mobile commerce has been growing more common throughout the world. Consumers have already shown that they are very interested in the benefits that can be found through mobile technology, with more people using their smartphones and tablets for their daily activities than ever before in the past. As consumers become more involved in the mobile space, their perspective and interests in the realm of commerce is beginning to change. The changing interests of consumers has helped propel mobile commerce to become one of the fastest growing industries in the world.

PayPal documents rise of mobile wallets

PayPal is one of several companies that have involved themselves in mobile commerce. The company is better positioned than most to address the changing needs that consumers have in the mobile space as it has long been involved in the realm of e-commerce. PayPal notes that consumers are beginning to adjust more aggressively to the idea of mobile commerce, especially in the U.S. where approximately 86% of consumers are eager to abandon traditional wallets for the electronic variety, according to PayPal.

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U.S. and Europe Mobile Commerce GrowthEurope shows strong growth in mobile commerce

PayPal has released a new study highlighting the changing interests of consumers and their willingness to participate in mobile commerce. The study shows that consumers are now willing to make use of mobile commerce platforms rather than rely entirely on more conventional forms of commerce. While U.S. consumers have shown that they are willing to embrace electronic platforms, mobile commerce is showing the strongest growth in Europe. PayPal notes that in Germany alone, some 90% of consumers are ready to make use of mobile wallets.

Mobile wallets are capturing the interests of consumers

Mobile wallets are simple, yet effective mobile commerce platforms. These wallets exist as applications that store a consumer’s financial information. Mobile wallets have seen some criticism in the past due to lackluster security features, but concerns regarding security have not yet been enough to keep consumers away from mobile commerce.

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