Mobile commerce set to boom in the UK

Consumers are growing fonder of mobile shopping as retailers change their behavior

Consumers are becoming increasingly adverse to traditional forms of commerce, according to research from PayPoint, a provider of multi-channel payment solutions. This trend has been going on for some time, with consumers showing more interest in online forms of commerce over more traditional forms of commerce. In particular, mobile payments have been growing in popularity at a rapid rate, due to the growing prominence of mobile technology and the availability of new payment services being offered to consumers throughout the world.

19.6% of all transactions to come from mobile devices by 2019, according to PayPoint research

Mobile commerce is expected to see a significant degree of success in the United Kingdom in the coming years. According to PayPoint’s research, an estimated 19.6% of all transactions made throughout the country will come from mobile devices by 2019. Currently, some 9.3% of transactions are conducted through a mobile device. Consumers are becoming more comfortable with the concept of mobile commerce, especially as they see retailers and other organizations taking steps to make online shopping more secure and convenient.

Retailers are beginning to adapt to a mobile-centric society

Mobile Commerce UKRetailers have been noticing a shift in consumer behavior over the past several years. Many people are becoming mobile-centric, relying heavily on their smartphones and tablets to function in daily life. This has lead to a growing demand for mobile services, which cater to these consumers in particular ways. Retailers have been taking steps to adapt to changes in their given market by embracing mobile technology themselves.

Consumers are still somewhat wary of mobile shopping due to past problems

Finding success in the mobile commerce field has been a challenge. Security issues have steered many people away from mobile payments, while poor online shopping experiences and other problems have done the same. Consumers have shown that they are willing to participate in mobile shopping, but only if the services being offered to them are convenient and mostly problem-free. Poor shopping experiences can discourage consumers from participating in mobile commerce in any significant fashion.

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