Mobile commerce security may be a losing battle

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Security is beginning to attract more attention, but threats inspire little action

As mobile commerce becomes more prolific, security is becoming a much more serious issue. Hackers have begun to focus on the mobile field more diligently because of the lack of security solutions that exist therein. Malicious groups have turned much of their attention to the commerce space because of the trafficking of financial information. Due to lackluster security, many consumers are finding themselves exposed to the risk of having their financial information exploited by malicious parties.

Malicious devices are becoming more common

The number of malicious devices in the physical world is growing at a rapid pace. These devices include those that are designed to mimic or exploit cash registers, credit card readers, and other such hardware. Even gas pumps are being equipped with devices that are meant to steal information from credit cards. These devices are also becoming more mobile-centric as a growing number of people begin to pay for products and services with their smartphones rather than with their credit cards. While physical devices are quickly becoming a problematic issue, malware is being considered much more dangerous.

Malware is growing at a rapid pace

Mobile Commerce SecurityAccording to security firm MacAfee, malware targeting mobile devices is becoming more common at an alarming rate. The firm notes that the presence of malware targeting the Android platform specifically has tripled between 2012 and 2013, with an estimated 3.7 million malware applications having been identified at this time. Notably, much of this malware goes undeterred as it attacks consumers and retailers alike. This is largely due to the lack of focus that both people and businesses have when it comes to matters of mobile security.

Hackers are winning the fight on the security front

Hackers may be winning the security battle. Because retailers, and other types of businesses, are still somewhat new to the mobile field, they are not necessarily attuned to the security issues that exist within the mobile commerce space. As these businesses continue to embrace new security solutions, they are finding that hackers have already developed malware that can bypass these solutions.

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