Mobile commerce in Europe led by UK

British smartphone users have the largest percentage of shoppers among European countries.

According to the results of a recent study, among all of the leading eight European markets, it is the U.K. that leads the way in terms of the use of mobile commerce among its shoppers.

The study showed that the United Kingdom is by far the most oriented toward smartphones and tablets.

The study, conducted by, which is the leading Europe-wide flash sale pioneer online, indicated that 37 percent of the turnover in the U.K. comes from mobile commerce. The other countries that were considered within this research included Belgium, Italy, Spain, Germany, The Netherlands, Austria, and France.

Among all of those countries, mobile commerce contributed to approximately 32 percent of online sales.

Mobile Commerce - Europe and UKThat figure has grown by 6 percent since the close of 2012, which represents tremendous growth. In terms of the use of the devices for mobile commerce, 47 percent of the sales originated from smartphones, while the remaining 53 percent came from tablets.

That said, the lead of the United Kingdom is a considerable one, above the other seven European countries that were included in the study. Compared to its 37 percent, the country in second place, France, saw a figure of 29 percent. Though this is still a notable percentage, it is well below that of the U.K.


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Another area in which found that there was a considerable lead by the United Kingdom in mobile commerce was in the percentage of customers who shopped over smartphones and tablets. The U.K’s figure was 41 percent, with Germany in second place at a much lower 35 percent.

Among all of the company’s mobile commerce using customers in the United Kingdom, 71 percent were women. The average age of the smartphone and tablet using shoppers was 39, in comparison to the average age of those using other channels, which was 41.

When the study looked into the number of mobile commerce orders that were made, the average was 7 online purchases per year, among which over half were made on a smartphone or tablet. Among those using other online channels, only 5 purchases were made per year through the company.

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