Mobile commerce growing among consumers

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Mobile Commerce Consumer GrowthStudy highlights the continued growth of mobile commerce

Affiliate Window, a leading performance marketing network and analysis firm, has released its latest study concerning the state of mobile commerce. According to Affiliate Window, mobile commerce continues to see strong growth across several sectors, especially in regards to retail. Consumers are becoming more comfortable with purchasing products using little more than a mobile device. The study indicates that mobile sales are seeing some turbulence, but more consumers are using their mobile devices to shop online.

Consumers becoming more apt to purchase and shop with their mobile devices

According to the study, 14% of all sales made in the retail sector came from mobile devices, approximately 5% of which came from smartphones. Mobile traffic is on the rise as more consumers begin to favor shopping with their mobile devices rather than visit physical stores. Even those that do visit physical stores are beginning to use their mobile devices more frequently to search for products online. Approximately 12% of online traffic came from smartphones.

Mobile traffic is on the rise

In March of this year, Affiliate Window recorded its one millionth mobile sale this year. Last year, the firm did not reach this milestone until August. The firm notes that mobile  traffic has increased by 3 times over what it had been in March 2012, showing that consumers are becoming more comfortable with the prospects of mobile shopping. The firm recorded the highest mobile traffic volume it has ever seen in March of this year, much of which came from consumers using iOS devices.

Security concerns begin to waver

Consumers are becoming more comfortable with the concept of mobile commerce, especially where it involves shopping for products they are interested in. Mobile commerce is being considered a more convenient option for consumers, since many people already have access to smartphones and tablets. Consumers appear to be putting their concerns with mobile commerce security aside, favoring the convenience that mobile commerce services offer over the potential threat of having their financial information stolen by malicious parties.

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