Mobile commerce fosters success for JC Penny

JC Penny mobile commerceJC Penny moving up the mobile commerce ladder

The retail industry has come to embrace mobile commerce and several of the largest retailers have been seeing major gains from doing so. J.C. Penny is one such company. Over the past several months, the company has been introducing new mobile commerce services and updating its e-commerce site to become more accommodating of mobile consumers. The retailer has been working its way up the Keynote Mobile Commerce Performance Index, which tracks the m-commerce performance of various companies.

Improvements to e-commerce site boost momentum behind retailer

J.C. Penny has been steadily moving up the index over the past several months due to the success it has been seeing in its various mobile commerce ventures. The retailer has been making improvements to its e-commerce site to improve the site’s load times. Load times are a very important, yet widely ignore aspect of m-commerce in the retail industry. During the 2012 holiday season, retailers were targeted by harsh criticism for the slow load times of their e-commerce sites. Slow load times translated into loss of mobile transactions.


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JC Penny breaks into top-10 ranking in terms of mobile commerce

The retailer has broken into the top-10 companies ranked by the Mobile Commerce Performance Index. Office Depot holds the top rank in the index, thanks to the company’s ambitious mobile commerce ventures and the attention it has paid to providing an enjoyable experience through its e-commerce site. J.C. Penny will have to continue making improvements to its own site in order to continue climbing the index.

Retail industry to continue embracing mobile commerce

Mobile commerce has become a very strong force in the retail industry. Early last year, retailers were leery of m-commerce, unconvinced of the prospects that the trend represented. Despite some caution, retailers embraced mobile commerce for the holiday season, and saw mobile transactions far exceed what they had been expecting. Indeed, mobile commerce helped make the 2012 holiday season significantly more prosperous than that of the previous year.

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