Mobile commerce and marketing may go hand in hand

Mobile commerce continues to grow and spark new opportunities in marketing

As mobile commerce continues to grow, new opportunities in advertising are emerging. Consumers are themselves becoming increasingly mobile-centric, making themselves somewhat exposed to mobile marketing campaigns. As new marketing opportunities emerge, retargeting is beginning to attract more attention. Retargeting allows companies to formulate advertisements based on the online activity of consumers. This means that companies can use retargeting to create advertisements that align with a consumer’s interests, rather than provide these people with ads that they are not interested in.

TapCommerce aims to bring retargeting to smartphones

TapCommerce, a relatively new startup focused on advertising and mobile commerce, aims to bring retargeting to smartphones. The company believes that retargeting can make mobile marketing smarter and more effective in engaging a new generation of consumers that has been stepped in mobile technology. The startup aims to provide companies with comprehensive services that can have a dramatic impact on their mobile marketing campaigns.


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mobile commerce and mobile marketingRetargeting could create better marketing campaigns

Mobile commerce could be an ideal field wherein new marketing attempts can flourish. Most mobile commerce platforms exist as standalone applications, which can serve as marketing platforms for companies eager to engage mobile consumers. Mobile advertisements in such applications are nothing new, but these ads are often criticized by consumers for being too generic. TapCommerce believes it can make advertisements more effective by helping make them more attuned to the interests of consumers. This means that consumers would only see ads for products or services they have shown interest in in the past.

New marketing initiatives may thrive in mobile commerce

Mobile commerce and marketing may go hand in hand, but the advertising realm has fallen under an intense degree of scrutiny lately due to privacy concerns coming from consumers. Consumers are becoming more aware of the fact that companies and organizations are collecting valuable information from them and many people are beginning to show concern over how this information is being put to use and why.

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