Mobile commerce aids UK retail growth in April

Mobile Commerce Retail GrowthMobile commerce helps boost retail performance

E-commerce sales have grown in April in the United Kingdom this year. Much of this growth is being powered by mobile commerce, according to the British Retail Consortium, a trade association representing the UK retail industry. The association has released a new report concerning the growth of e-commerce, showing that mobile purchases are becoming increasingly popular throughout the country. April, in particular, showed strong growth in the mobile commerce sector.

Report highlights retail growth

According to the report, online sales for April rose by 8.3%. This is lower than the 9% growth that had been reported in online sales in April 2012, but this increase still represents promising progress. The report shows that mobile commerce made up a prominent portion of online sales. The British Retail Consortium suggests that as many as one in five retailers claim that much of their sales are coming from those using mobile devices.


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Mobile commerce becoming more popular with consumers

Mobile commerce has become much more than a simple trend in the UK retail industry. Consumers are beginning to favor their mobile devices when it comes to shopping; using their smartphones and tablets to shop for and purchase products they are interested in. The retail industry has yet to embrace mobile commerce entirely, but many companies have been making an effort to become more accommodating to consumers that are interested in mobile commerce.

Easter helps draw attention to mobile commerce services

The report from the British Retail Consortium shows that growth in the retail sector is strongest in health and beauty lines, as well as clothing and home accessories. Growth in mobile commerce during April was aided somewhat by the Easter holiday, during which many retailers launched new initiatives to engage mobile consumers. Some of these initiatives proved more successful than others, providing retailers with a better insight into the workings of mobile commerce.

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