Mobile apps get a new Apple category for selfies

The App Store has now created a new way for users to be able to share their pictures of themselves.

Among the ways that Apple has used its massive store for mobile apps to its best advantage and to generate its successes is through the creation of a method that would allow interesting applications and content to make their way to the surface, despite the tremendous competition.

This makes it very simple for the users of iOS based devices to find a lot of cool stuff quickly and easily.

It is only over the last couple of years that the trend toward taking selfies has become a very big deal. Apple has not failed to watch the way that selfies have been making their way into mobile apps, whether in taking, sharing, or both. The App store has now defined a new category of itself to precisely that trend. It is now possible to head to the “Sharing Selfies” section in order to be able to peruse all of the favorite applications for snapping that picture of oneself from an odd angle and in an awkward way.

There are a surprisingly large number of mobile apps geared toward taking selfies.

Mobile Apps - SelfiesThis type of picture used to be the definition of being uncool. However, since the term was first coined in the early 2000s, its popularity has been steadily growing, until it simply exploded over the last couple of years. This has caused mobile app development companies to start to focus rather heavily on the appeal of snapping these pictures in order to be able to take advantage of the attraction that people have to taking them.

It has now come to the point that there are so many that they are worth organizing. After all, it isn’t just anything that receives its very own category on the App Store from Apple. Now the section includes everything from Frontback to Front Flash, and from huge names such as Snapchat to tiny applications that have barely ever been downloaded. This new mobile apps category is certain to give them an added chance to stand out and define themselves.

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