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3 Great Digital Marketing Tactics for Political Candidates

If you’re a politician and you have an old-school approach to fundraising and campaigning, then you might want to be a bit more open minded in 2022. While you can still use traditional methods to fund your campaign to raise your profile, you also need to leverage the power of digital marketing. Digital marketing will allow you to extend your reach efficiently. You won’t have to do as much legwork, and you could be surprised by the results you get. So much of the political debate is happening online too, so you’ll miss a lot of people by sticking to regular political campaigning. Let’s take a look at some of the digital marketing tactics all politicians should use.

SMS Marketing

SMS marketing is one of the most powerful online marketing tools any person running for public office could use. It allows you to build a direct connection with your audience and direct them towards specific resources and stories. You can use them to let them know about special announcements, political news and issues that might affect them and how you want to tackle them, and to raise funds as well.

You could use a political SMS platform like Tatango to send mass texts when you need donations. One of the best things about SMS marketing is that you can send texts to thousands of people at the click of a button, and it won’t cost you a thing. Trying to reach that many people through traditional means would cost you lots of money and might not bring the same results. SMS marketing also allows you to follow up without incurring additional costs. 

Digital Campaign for Candidates

SEO and Content Marketing

SEO and content marketing are two more techniques that you should use as a politician. Having lots of relevant content on various platforms will do a lot to raise awareness about you and show what you stand for. You can look for trending topics and try to integrate relevant keywords into your text in a natural way. This is what will allow you to get traction with search engines.

You also need to have a well-stocked blog on your website. Google loves content-rich websites, and a blog is an essential SEO tool. The content there has to be of top-notch quality and contain relevant high search keywords. You also have to make sure that your site has clean code and is performant as it also has an effect on your visibility on search engines.

Email Marketing

You cannot be a political candidate and not have a solid email marketing technique in place. Email marketing has many of the benefits of SMS marketing, but you can be a bit more elaborate with your efforts as you won’t be limited to 160 characters. You can create beautiful mailers with pictures and frames and show your subscribers what’s going on with the campaign trail. You can also use email marketing to raise funds or point them towards your website whenever you have a new blog entry. Simply add an email capture form to your website or ask donors if they’d like to subscribe to your email list. You can also gather leads from your main social media page.

These are all techniques that you should add to your political marketing arsenal if you want to get the widest reach possible and meet your fundraising objectives. Look at all these techniques in detail and see which ones you could start implementing today.

Single-Board Computers: The Small Wonder

The word “computer” brings the image of a PC or a laptop. Some may even recall the design of the football field size computers of the 1960s and 1970s before the advent of the PC. There are very few people who can picture single board computers. Some might even fail to recognize one despite sitting right in front of one.

What are single-board computers?

It is a term used to describe a complete functioning computer designed on a single circuit. It is also referred to as embedded computers. One can find the memory, microprocessor, (I/O) input and output functions, clock, and other features placed in a single circuit board. Furthermore, there is an in-built RAM at a specific amount without the option for any expansion in the peripheral slots.

Single-board computers (SBC) appear more or less like the motherboard of a normal PC. But, it features all the elements of a basic computer laid out in a small design. Since the beginning of the 1980s, the technology behind the small-board computers are in use in the industrial manufacturing sector.

Single Board Computer

The use of single-board computers

Single-board computers are used in the products of airplanes, rocket ships, high-performance athletic shoes, and even on some toys. Everyone is using single board computers without even realizing their existence. Computer technology devices like modern-day mobile phones, fax machines, and cameras are equipped with single-board computers. These are tiny computers that can present a complete operating system.

The best aspect about a single-board computer is that it features an internal operating system that takes much less space. The software for embedded computers is equipped inside a ROM chip, or a flash memory system. SBCs are high-performance devices designed for applications that demand high functionality, reliability, manageability, and serviceability.

These are tiny small wonders with superior-level computing abilities that support intense Input/Output (I/O) operations. High-performance single board computers are considered best for use in military, aerospace, automotive industry, medical and scientific applications, telemetry, transportation, and industrial control.

Pros of single-board computers

The following aspects about single-board computers make them so worthy.

  • The advanced technologies have increased the potential of single-board computers, reducing the size, and price
  • The global competitive market has expanded the options and functionalities accessible for embedded computers
  • Easy and seamless internet connection is possible, thanks to the wireless technology
  • Thanks to the modern technology for offering high-performance reliability to single-board computers to the vendors for industrial manufacturers and top-notch quality products


The high-performance single-board computers are truly considered to be small wonders. Despite their tiny size, they are highly functional and reliable for use in a wide range of industrial sectors. The performance has nothing to do with the size and the processor speed. Over the years there has been a drastic transformation. Earlier SBCs could support a limited number of functions to run on a single circuit board. But, today, embedded computers can support multiple functions without a hitch. Furthermore, the performance and functionality of modern and advanced single-board computers have evolved over the years.