Google begins testing new mobile commerce service

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Service will provide consumers with a way to shop for and purchase products through advertisements

Google has been testing a new service that will allow consumers to purchasing products directly through advertisements in a move to expand its presence in the mobile commerce space. The new feature, called Purchases with Google, is specifically designed for mobile consumers, giving them more opportunities to shop for and purchase products when conducting searches online. The new service represents yet another step in Google’s plans to become a major player in the mobile commerce space.

Google is taking another step into the competitive mobile commerce space

Google is seeing more competition coming from others that have entered into the mobile shopping space. As such, it is looking for ways to better engage consumers through innovative services. Google has been investing in these new services quite heavily, with Purchases with Google being one of the most recent of these services to have been unveiled by the company. The service comes with “buy” buttons, which will allow consumers to quickly purchase products they are exposed to through advertisements.

New services are providing consumers with ways to find deals on products they are interested in

Google - Mobile CommerceAnother service, called Google Now, is also being introduced as a way to alert smartphone users about information concerning sales being held by retailers and loyalty programs. Many of these alerts are meant to be location-based, providing consumers with information about the benefits they can find from local stores. Google is also working to provide consumers with better product information ratings, which could be used to find products that they are interested in.

Mobile commerce companies are finding new ways to engage consumers

Currently, Google is testing its new mobile commerce service, but intends to launch it in the coming months. The service could place Google as a prominent mobile commerce organization, especially among retailers that are interested in engaging mobile consumers more effectively. The company will still face significant challenges from other organizations involved in mobile commerce, as well, as these companies begin introducing effective ways to engage those with smartphones and tablets.

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