goNDA Releases a Legal App, Allowing Users to Take Legalities Into Their Own Hands

Chicago, IL December 16, 2021 –(PR.com)– Emerging LegalTech startup goNDA is on a mission to make legal support seamless, cost-efficient and time-saving with the release of its mobile application. This legal app offers a unique experience that educates and empowers any individual with it’s list of essential features that can be used in real time.

goNDA’s executive team has extensive experience in LegalTech and Community Development. Founder Amanda Moutrage reflects, “The people who need legal services the most – young families, college students, freelancers and other creatives – to protect their intellectual property or their children that can’t afford hefty retainers or hourly rates that exceed $100. The goNDA app removes the stress of expense and time-consuming bureaucracy and replaces that with self-service and affordability.”

goNDA is one of its kind that offers built-in templates written and vetted by attorneys, notarization options for goNDA-completed documents, and full-service document creation, e-signing and completion, all from the palm of your hand in one single mobile app.

goNDA’s features & benefits.

Real-time Usability
The traditional way of sending a simple document for signing can take hours to be completed, from finding a template to waiting for signatures. With goNDA, the app allows you to send a document in the midst of a conversation without delay or disruption.

Without the delay and expense of legal representation, goNDA gives you the opportunity to take legalities into your own hands. When two parties are able to amicably agree on a decision, why not create and complete the document for a fraction of traditional legal expense. With credit-base subscription plans starting at $5 a month to send documents, you can choose what suits your needs.

In-App Notarization
For a lot of people, signing a document may not always feel legally bound. With in-app notarization for documents completed within the app, goNDA offers an option for added legal security, for a small additional cost.

Understanding & Support
goNDA offers free access to its knowledge center where you can understand the documents available for use. In the near future, goNDA’s app will also include free access to legal support. With both understanding and attainable legal support, goNDA puts legal support into the hands of the user.

goNDA is a free-to-download app which allows users to access the knowledge center and legal marketplace at no cost. To celebrate their launch, goNDA is giving all new app users free credits to complete their first few documents. The app is available in both the iOS App Store and Google Play.

About goNDA
goNDA is a self-service legal mobile application that offers real-time usability of ready-to-use templates at affordable prices for everyone. To learn more about the app and goNDA’s mission, visit https://getgonda.com.

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