Global Payments announces support for new mobile payments service

Global Payments will be supporting Apple Pay through its OpenEdge division

Global Payments, a leading provider of mobile payment solutions, has announced that its Integrated Solutions division, OpenEdge, will be supporting Apple Pay. Apple has made a major splash in the mobile commerce field with the launch of its new service. Apple Pay is quickly becoming one of the most widely supported payment services in the world, with financial organization showing strong support for the platform. Global Payments may help add more momentum to the service’s popularity.

OpenEdge will add Apple Pay support to its software development kit

OpenEdge will be adding Apple Pay to its software development kit. This will allow developers to embed the mobile payments service into their products. The software development kit provides developers with the tools they need to include a variety of services into the applications and platforms that they develop and make available to the public. By offering support for Apple Pay, those using the OpenEdge development kit may gain access to a wider range of consumers that are entering into the mobile commerce field.


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Apple Pay is gaining support, but faces a challenge when it comes to inclusion

Mobile Payments SupportWhile Apple Pay is becoming quite popular, the service does have one problem. Apple Pay uses NFC technology, which is not a problem in itself, but the service is only accessible through the new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus devices. These devices are also equipped with NFC technology, but will only be able to use the Apple Pay service and not the myriad other services that also used NFC. This may be good news for iOS fans, but not necessarily so for the others that are participating in mobile payments.

Apple Pay may be able to change the way consumers interact with merchants

OpenEdge expects that Apple Pay will change the way consumers interact with merchants. The company suggests that those visiting a restaurant, for instance, will be able to order and pay for their meals ahead of time using nothing more than a mobile device. This introduces a new aspect of convenience to the mobile space.

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