Getonic embraces mobile commerce with new funding

Mobile Commerce Getonic FundingFunding will help company expand interests in mobile commerce

Getonic, an Israeli startup that develops solutions for small businesses that are interested in selling products through social networks, has announced the completion of its latest round of funding. The company has received $1.3 million in total funding, which it plans to use to expand business globally. Because of the growing interest surrounding mobile marketing and mobile commerce, Getonic expects to see very promising results in 2013 as more businesses seek to engage consumers through social media.g

Social media plays a big role in the evolution of commerce

There are a wide variety of startups that are trying to help companies engage mobile consumers. Many of these companies adopt a very specific focus on mobile commerce services, enabling businesses to facilitate mobile payments in an efficient and comprehensive manner. There are few platforms that take social media into account, despite how important sites like Facebook and Twitter are to consumers today. Getonic has not had a singular focus on the mobile space, but the funding it has received will help it expand its mobile business more aggressively.


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Getonic adopts stronger stance on mobile

Getonic offers companies a way to monetize their business through social channels. The company’s social shops, as they are called, act as small virtual stores that sell individual products to consumers on social networking sites. As Getonic begins to focus more on the mobile space, these social stores will become more accommodating of mobile commerce, allowing consumers to make purchases using nothing more than their smart phones or tablets.

Company looks to expand beyond Facebook

Getonic is able to process payments through its use of PayPal. PayPal itself offers mobile commerce services to businesses, allowing them to accept transactions from a mobile device. Since 2010, Getonic has had a strong focus on Facebook, but the company is beginning to expand its focus to other social networks, such as Twitter. Whether such networks will be conducive of mobile commerce has yet to be seen.

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