Gaiam launches new e-commerce and mobile commerce sites

New Mobile Commerce Site LaunchedGaiam uses Demandware Commerce platform to launch new websites

Gaiam Inc., a leading producer and marketer of lifestyle media and fitness accessories, has announced that it has launched new e-commerce and mobile commerce websites through the Demandware Commerce platform. The platform is designed to provide businesses with the tools they need to develop unique and engaging mobile commerce ventures. The platform has a wife variety of features that help companies bolster their online presence and marketing reach, allowing them to take advantage of several digital channels in an efficient manner.

Company positioning itself to provide better services to mobile consumers

Gaiam has chosen the Demandware Commerce platform in order to have better control of its merchandising and marketing initiatives. The company believes that the platform will help it adapt to the changing needs of consumers, especially those that rely on mobile devices. Demand for mobile commerce services is on the rise among consumers. This demand is picking up momentum as more consumers get their hands on smart phones and tablets. Gaiam is keen to position itself to engage these consumers and provide them with the services they want to see.


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Demand for mobile commerce on the rise

Gaiam boasts of a wide distribution network that has the potential to reach hundreds of thousands of consumers. The company has a strong foothold in the health and wellness sector and aims to become the dominate force therein within the coming years. The company’s various brands have a loyal following and a new focus on mobile commerce may help Gaiam reach a new demographic of consumers that are interested in using their mobile devices to purchase products and shop online.

Mobile commerce may be what the retail industry needs to connect with modern consumers

The Demandware Commerce platform is developed by Demandware, a leading on-deman e-commerce and software-as-a-service company. The platform is expected to help Gaiam enter into a new sector of business in the way it engages consumers. Mobile commerce has proven popular with many people in recent years and retail brands throughout the world have begun to look for ways to tap into the growing number of mobile consumers.

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