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Gadgets dependencies are leading to nomophobia

A study in the United Kingdom has revealed that many people fear having to live without mobile devices.

The results of a brand new study regarding the dependence that people in the United Kingdom have on their mobile gadgets has just revealed that over half of the population of that country suffers from a condition called “nomophobia”, in which the individual feels actual fear when thinking about having to live without his or her device.

This new anxiety condition goes well beyond simply thinking about a world without smartphones.

In fact, there are a number of different elements of being out of touch with the gadgets that can lead to symptoms of nomophobia. These can include having the battery run out, losing a cellular signal, or simply losing sight of the device. The term itself was developed as a short form for “no mobile phone phobia”. This term was originally coined in the United Kingdom following a YouGov study in which the anxieties related to mobile device use were examined.

This latest study only underscores what has previously been determined about dependencies on electronic gadgets.

Mobile Gadgets - NomophobiaThe latest survey was commissioned by AppRiver, which is a security analyst firm. This research found that among the respondents, 42 percent brought their mobile gadgets with them to the beach when they were on vacation, and that one fifth of them used their devices for checking their email when they were in bed.

One in every four of the participants in the mobile gadgets study also used their devices for checking emails and texts while they were out on a dinner date. It also revealed that it was women who were more likely to do this than men, by a difference of ten percent. Women were also 17 percent more likely to actually experience nomophobia.

Beyond those figures, the study also underscored the fact that while people seemed highly reliant on their gadgets, and they experienced fear when faced with situations when they would not be able to use their devices, they still had a notably low interest in the actual security of their device in terms of protecting their sensitive and private data.

Technology news made as device giants shield their profits

Apple and Samsung are not required to publically disclose their profit statements.

A Federal appeals panel has just released a ruling that is making technology news headlines and that has entitled tech giants Apple and Samsung to proceed without a requirement to reveal their profit information and many other confidential financial details.

The decision of this panel is a direct reversal of a previous ruling that had been made by a lower court.

The technology news from the previous ruling would have required both Apple and Samsung to publically disclosed highly protected sales and profit data. The First Amendment Coalition, an advocacy group that gave its arguments within the appeals court in favor of forcing the companies to disclose their financial data, has expressed its disappointment in the outcome by way of a statement from its executive director, Peter Scheer.

This specific technology news case involved a decision in which the panel felt protecting financial data did not impede transparency.

Technology News - Companies hide profitsThe Federal appeals panel felt that even by allowing Samsung and Apple to protect the confidential financial data of their companies, there would be no impediment to their level of necessary transparency. Within a technology news statement, the panel announced that “We recognize the importance of protecting the public’s interest in judicial proceedings and of facilitating its understanding of those proceedings.”

The technology news statement went on to say that “That interest, however, does not extend to mere curiosity about the parties’ confidential information where that information is not central to a decision on the merits.”

At the time of the writing of this article, no statements were available from either Samsung or Apple with regards to this technology news. It can only be assumed that this would be seen as a win on their behalf, as it means that they will be able to maintain the close guard that they enjoy on their sensitive financial data. These massive tech giant organizations are well known for making great efforts in order to try to protect the information regarding their sales and the profits that they make every quarter and each year.