Gadgets from LG will soon feature curved displays

These new handsets are slated to be launched in November, in time for the holiday shopping season.

LG Electronics Inc. has announced that it is now beginning to mass produce gadgets that have curved displays, such as in the case of the smartphones that are set to launch next month.

The goal is to carve out a larger portion of the market that is currently held by its larger rival, Samsung.

Last month, Samsung announced that it would begin releasing curved display gadgets as of October. These smartphones were to become available at some point this month from the leading smartphone manufacturer in the world. It made this announcement in order to help to keep ahead of the slowing high-end smartphone market growth.

Curved displays are still in the beginning states of gadget development but could be important to wearables.

Gadgets - smartphone with curved displayThis new type of display can make it possible to have bendable and foldable designs that could make it possible for wearable gadgets and other mobiles such as smartphones and tablets to be able to take on new designs that could dramatically change the look and design of the high end smartphone market.


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In the case of LG Display Co. Ltd., they have announced that the gadgets that will use this technology, so far, will include a six inch display smartphone that is curved from top to bottom. This LG device is expected to be launched in November. At the same time, the Samsung handset will be curved from side to side, instead of the top to bottom shape from LG Electronics.

As of January, Samsung had become the global smartphone gadgets leader, after having taken the position from Apple Inc. In that month, it revealed a line of prototype products that were based on a flexible screen as well as a display extending from the side of the device.

According to tech experts, the technology has yet to be manufactured in a way that can be mass produced cheaply, and there is still a need to come up with display panels that are resistant to heat and that are thin at the same time. Curved displays are already available in larger gadgets such as big screen televisions. Both LG and Samsung have been selling these TVs this year.

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