Facebook to publish mobile games

Facebook unveils new publishing service for mobile games

Facebook has taken a bold step and has launched its own publishing venture for mobile games. Facebook Mobile Games Publishing is designed to cater to small and medium-sized developers and will provide them with a platform to release and promote their games. Mobile games have become a very attractive sector of the game industry and embracing these games could be a very lucrative move for Facebook. The social network already boasts of a strong presence in the social gaming sector, wherein it has enjoyed a great deal of success over the past several years.

Small and medium-sized developers will have access to Facebook publishing

Through its new publishing platform, Facebook will be able to select game developers and offer a variety of publishing and promotional services. Facebook expects that the platform will attract high-quality mobile games to the social network, which will be used to engage millions of users around the world. Much of Facebook’s interest in mobile games has to do with advertising, as these games typically thrive through in-app marketing.


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Facebook - Mobile GamesSocial network will not fund the development of mobile games

Despite the name of the social network’s new venture, Facebook will not be fulfilling the traditional role of a publisher in the game industry. The social network will not be funding the development of mobile games and will only be promoting these games through various channels based on its marketing and analytic data. Developers will have access to this data, which Facebook will encourage them to use in order to develop mobile games that are attractive to specific demographics.

Publishing platform still in its pilot phase

Facebook is currently working with a small number of developers for the first stages of its publishing venture. Developers are free to sign up for Facebook Mobile Games Publishing, but the social network is not likely to expand its operations until later this year. There are many aspects of publishing and promotion that Facebook has yet to become comfortable with and the social network is keen to ensure that its latest mobile games venture goes off without a hitch.

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