eXelate report shows Black Friday saw most mobile sales


eXelate finds Black Friday leads in terms of mobile commerce

Cyber Monday may be the leader in teBlack Friday Mobile Sales Reportrms of online sales, but Black Friday dominated in terms of mobile sales, according to a new report from eXelate, a leading analytics firm. eXelate has released a new report suggesting that Black Friday should be renamed “Mobile Friday” due to the number of mobile sales that occurred on that day. Though mobile commerce had a strong showing for much of the holiday shopping weekend, sales were especially high during Black Friday.

Retailers continue their push for mobile commerce

One of the reasons mobile commerce was such a success for the holiday shopping weekend is due to the efforts of the retail industry. Retailers have become enthralled with the concept of mobile commerce, much like consumers. Seeing the potential for major gain, many retailers have taken to engaging consumers through mobile commerce platform. Reports show that this approach has been remarkably successful for many companies.

Black Friday accounts for most mobile sales over holiday shopping weekend

According to the report from eXelate, the holiday shopping weekend began on Thanksgiving rather than Black Friday this year, breaking tradition. Thanksgiving day marked a major increase in shopping activity at physical stores and on digital platforms. Cyber Monday retains the title of leader of online sales with sales growing by 29% over what they had been in the previous year. Black Friday, however, saw the most mobile traffic, with 52% of iOS consumers and 41% of Android consumers using their mobile devices to make purchases.

Mobile commerce may be new Thanksgiving tradition

eXelate CEO Mark Zagorski suggests that mobile commerce is poised to become the new Thanksgiving tradition, especially as more consumers become reliant on mobile devices in their daily lives. More convenient forms of commerce are certainly proving to be popular with consumers and retailers have taken note of the potential benefits of mobile commerce. The results of Black Friday are likely to encourage retailers to continue their aggressive push to engage mobile consumers in more dynamic ways.

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