eSIM Cards in Your KryptAll iPhone

Wilmington, DE November 02, 2022 –(– A SIM, Subscriber Identity Module, is a unique identifier inside every cellular device that enables wireless service providers to know the user’s assigned phone number. An eSIM is a Cellular Industry-standard digital SIM supported by carriers around the world. eSIM is available on current iPhone models. The iPhone 14 models purchased in the United States do not have a physical SIM tray and support only eSIM. KryptAll’s industry insiders anticipate the entire iOS ecosystem to move to eSIM worldwide within the next two years.

eSIM offers many benefits. According to the FCC (, an eSIM card cannot be stolen without stealing the phone, whereas removable SIM cards are sometimes stolen, and used in port out scams. That’s when identity thieves fraudulently swap stolen SIM cards into different phones to gain access to the victim’s calls and text messages. The thieves may then try to reset credentials and gain access to the victim’s financial and social media accounts. With eSIM, you don’t need to obtain, carry, and swap physical SIM cards (which can also be lost), or wait for them to arrive by mail.

On your K iPhone, you can store eight or more eSIMs, which will be there whenever you need them. You can have two eSIMs active on supported K iPhone models at the same time. When using multiple eSIMs, the capabilities on your primary line will continue to work when you add a data-only eSIM and use it for cellular data. This could, for example, include one eSIM for your home and another eSIM for your business or the place you’re visiting. You can swap which of your stored eSIMs are active simply by changing your selections in Settings.

Many carriers offer prepaid cellular and data plan options that you can purchase from the carriers’ websites or apps. Carriers offer plans that differ by the amount of data and duration they provide. Your carrier might also offer the ability to manage your eSIM plan digitally and add more data as needed. As with a physical SIM, carrier fees might apply. Contact your carrier for information.

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