eBay predicts major growth for 2013

ebay mobile commerceeBay and PayPal gear for mobile commerce growth in 2013

Online retail giant eBay saw major gains during the 2012 holiday shopping season, largely due to the company’s focus on mobile commerce. eBay is predicting that its mobile payment volume in 2013 will reach new heights as it puts more focus on engaging consumers with mobile commerce services. eBay notes that PayPal, one of its primary subsidiaries, will have a large role to play in the mobile commerce growth the company is expecting to see in the coming year.

eBay predicts mobile payment volume to exceed $20 billion

eBay is expecting to see mobile payment volume grow to more than $20 billion in 2013. PayPal is expected to handle the majority, if not the entirety, of this mobile payment volume, similar to what the company had done during the 2012 holidays. In 2012, eBay reported some $14 billion in total revenue for the entire year,  up 21% of the revenue the company had generated in 2011. The company notes that one of the contributing factors to this growth was its focus on mobile commerce.


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Company works on streamlining mobile services

In 2012, eBay mobile accounted for $13 billion in volume, according to CEO John Donahoe. The company’s various mobile applications attracted more than 4 million new users throughout the year, adding significant clout to the company’s already formidable presence in the mobile space. eBay is now working to streamline its mobile ventures, hoping to make them more accommodating of new customers and to bolster the mobile commerce services the company has to offer.

Consumers show interest in mobile commerce

PayPal is expected to add significant momentum to the mobile commerce plans of eBay. Consumers mostly had a positive experience with mobile commerce during the 2012 holidays, so eBay is likely to push for similar results near the end of this year. These consumers have shown their interest in shopping and making purchases using their mobile devices, thus setting up a great deal of promise for the 2013 holiday season.

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